Location: Selby near Summit Ave
This historic building near Summit Ave is a mixed retail and residential building that is well recognized and visible from Selby Ave. Built in the late 1800’s it is within the HPC footprint of heritage preservation commission buildings. Architecture is red brick and decorative Bayfield Brownstone with dormer windows and carved stone pillars framing the upper floors.

The original “Bayfield Brownstone” had deteriorated and with no current source for these in many decades, the bricks will need to come from other old buildings. On the main / entry level, the stone had deteriorated around the entire foundation (Brownstone) causing moisture to seap into home and issues with structural foundation.


The original quarried brownstone was also deteriorating around windows (sills) causing moisture issues. Brickwork had deteriorated on the walls and pillars and there was some pieces that broke off exposing building to elements and diminishing appearance of the building.

Starting with foundation, all the deteriorated brownstone was replaced with a cut brownstone sourced from a historical stone supplier to identically match the existing design. These are found on other historical buildings and cut either at the supplier or on site.  Brownstone window sills were replaced with re-purposed with matching historical brownstone.

Repair and replacement of brickwork and historic stone fabricated on-site to match original stone and design. Replaced with new matching brick and custom cut on-site to fit and match original design and color.

Tuckpointing and brickwork was done extensively throughout all four sides of the building using our five step process of removing and replacing mortar. The original “Bayfield Brownstone” had deteriorated and with no current source for these in many decades, the stone had to come from other old buildings that have been salvaged.




This was about a sixty day project with a large amount of tuckpoint brick repairs that should last the condo owner for decades. We worked within the business owner’s budget and clearly detailed the work and costs in advance.
With structural foundation restored to the original design the building will have more structural integrity and it can prevent other issues and repairs in the future. The windows were repaired helping insured a weather seal and better insulation for energy savings.