Location: Randolph Apartments

This apartment building in the Snelling Avenue area was built in the early 1900’s taken care of well but there was deterioration of upper parapet wall brick ties. From the front of the building the brickwork was noticeably pulling away from building and was enough to warrant an urgent repair.

The Problem
The bricked had pulled loose from building and was slanting off building creating a possible hazard with falling brick. The upper 6 feet of the apartment building was particularity in need of masonry work. This is a common situation for brick condos, apartments, and heritage preservation HPC buildings that we that we take seriously and can work on quickly.

The Work
The work started in January when temperatures average below freezing. This is called “cold weather masonry” and we have extensive experience working over the winter months using this technique. The work area is wrapped with a clear insulator and heated to a temperature that mortar will cure properly. In this case four story scaffolding was installed allowing our workers access to the upper floors and keeping pedestrians and residence safe below.

Repairs and maintenance was done on windows, walls, brick, parapet wall, and window sills. Tuckpoint work was done on deteriorated mortar on brick window sills was also replaced and tuckpointed with our five step process of removing and replacing. On the upper parapet wall the original brick on building was removed, cleaned,and replaced using new steel wall ties. All existing old brick had to be removed, salvaged, and re-laid.

Deteriorated mortar on brick window sills was removed and replaced with new mortar by our tuckpoint experts. Maintenance tuckpointing and repairs on windows and other places on the front of the apartment and wrap.


After discussing the issues and giving our detailed assessment of the problems and work needed, we worked within a time-frame and budget to bring the apartment to a safe condition and keeping the style and feel as original. The five point tuck-point brick and stone work is more involved but gives you the longest lasting exterior and best historical match.